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Nar-Briton came into existence with a vision to support life with improved health all around the world since 2001 in collaboration with big MNCs for marketing & sales of medicines. We are incessantly improving dynamic organization, applying science of life and business to provide value and satisfaction to the customer, employees and shareholders for decades. We got a firm foundation discovering cardinal ideas for health by Mr. Mohammad Rashid Khan as a private limited pharmaceutical company in 2011.

Nar-Briton Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the few companies in scenario which are dedicated in bringing new molecules and combinations of generic, branded, nutraceuticals and herbals in the Pharma market for creating relatively efficient & safer alternatives. We develop more effective solutions for commonly occurring diseases, life threatening conditions and to improved public health.

We are the epitome of Pharma industry due to our continually growing and dynamic structure, world class manufacturing facilities which boast of modern age technology, novel ideas, state of art structure, a highly experienced and dedicated staff and the best collaborations possible. We have joined hands with the leaders of clinical research organizations and modern technology manufacturers so as to deliver the best health care solutions.


We are progressing at a fast pace in the effort to strive our mission of providing safe and cost effective generic medicines, well suited to genotypes & phenotypes of people in different regions of the world. Our sincere efforts and devotion is to develop class medicines to treat diseases and nutraceuticals for wellness of life. We have public health informatics system with a mission to improve efficiency, quality, safety and cost-effectiveness health care service system all around the world. After accomplishing a successful milestone of developing a well connected network to the prime and remote locations in India, we have a mission to capture the overseas market.


We count every success as a milestone not destination with future vision to develop, manufacture & distribute drugs of high national priority at affordable price for well being of people. Our well trained research team is working to develop molecules and combinations with lest side effects. We have a vision to design new and more effective molecules for our own patents.


We offer medicines of generic and branded drugs with par excellent quality at affordable price to save the life and make it free of pain. Read More


We are the Hobson’s Choice for nutraceuticals to fulfill the malnutritioning food quality and giving wellness and Read More


As the nature is the best nurture of life we have best quality products of natural origin to cure the diseases without side Read More